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About Enerweb


The European Energy Efficiency Marketplace is a Save Programme action. The action involves the development and operation of a Website for the Energy Efficiency Market in the EU. The 3E Market website (EnerwWeb) is supported by the European Commission (DG -TREN) and is based on a partnership from 5 European Member States 

3E Market : A Promising Market ''under development'' 

Energy policy and economic development greatly influence the energy efficiency market. It is estimated that energy efficiency investments and the development of the energy efficiency market will be accelerated due to: 

  • Structural changes in the whole of Europe in all economic activities 
  • Political will for liberilisation of the energy market in all E.U. countries 
  • The increasing cost of energy 
  • The environmental agreements and commitments that are coming into force 

  • The adoption of new technologies (e.g. small scale cogeneration, automation systems, insulation materials) in a wide variety of end-uses, and on an increasingly wide scale

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