Existing quality systems

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‑{}‑The energy policy statement will differ from one organization or business to another. Important reasons for this are the size of the energy organization and whether the energy policy is or will be part of another system, such as the environmental management system (ISO14001).


If your organization has only one location and the energy policy is not to be incorporated into an existing quality system, you can suffice with a simple Energy Policy Statement.


If energy management is to be part of an existing or new (environmental) management system, in principle no separate energy policy statement is needed. However, the relevant energy aspects must be included in your environmental policy.


With an existing quality system, the relevant policy statement can be translated into an integrated Environmental and Energy Policy Statement. However, compiling a separate energy policy statement is to be preferred. This puts more emphasis on the energy policy statement within your organization and to the outside world.


For energy management, BESS has established a link to the three most common quality systems, resulting in three lists with tables indicating the relationships between each of these systems and the Energy Management Requirements.

The tables are referred to as Linking Lists, and can be used as a tool to integrate energy management into your management system.


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