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“We had bi-weekly feedback meetings in the energy management work group. This feedback often resulted in minor modifications to the process operations. The enthusiasm (and surprise) about the rapid results increased. With the permanent energy management work group, we created room for new ideas, measures or conservation options. This makes it possible to expand energy management over the entire organization.” Quote: Mr. Johnson


What do you do when measures for more efficient energy consumption have been implemented in the organization but the analysis of the data indicates that they are not (completely) satisfactory? You study which improvements can be made and where adjustments are needed to achieve the desired results. And what do you do when they work as planned? Then you study where improvements can be achieved. It is important to continue to respond quickly and adequately to the results of the measures implemented. PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT are the parts of the cycle that you will repeat again and again in a properly functioning energy management system.