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    Getting Started
        Tool 1- Business Case
        Tool 2- Pre-Self Assessment
        Introduction to Tool 3 - Company Commitment
            Tool 3- Company Commitment
        Tool 12 - Energy Coordinator - Energy Team
        Tool 16- Introduction to _E.M.I.M_model
        Introduction to Tool 0 - E.M.I.M.
            Tool 0- E.M.I.M

INNER RING (What is Energy Management)

        What is Energy Management/Plan:
            Energy aspects
            Determining priorities
            Audits - Energy Management System audit
            Audits - Support and Communication
            Compiling AP

        What is Energy Management/Do:
            Energy policy statement
            Existing Quality Systems
            Energy Policy Statement - Communication
            TRA matrix
            Project plan
            Documentation - Communication

        What is Energy Management/Check:
            Collecting data
            Analyzing data

        What is Energy Management/Act:
            Energy Management System

MIDDLE RING (Package Tools / Information)

        Enery Audits and Measure lists
            Tool 4- Energy Audit Description
            Tool 5- Energy Audit - Data Collection
            Measure Lists
            Tool 15a - Good Housekeeping
            Best Practices and Case Studies
            Tool 10 - Energy Action Plan

        Measure Lists
            Tool 6- Horizontal Measure list
            Tool 7a- Dairy Measure
            Tool 7b- Meat processing measure list
            Tool 7c- Bakery masure list
            Tool 7d- Breweries measure list
            Tool 7e- Industrial Laundries measure list
            Tool 7f- Textile Industry measure list
            Good Housekeeping

        Energy Team
            Tool 11- TRA Matrix
            Tool 12- Energy Coordinator- Energy Team

        Energy Policy and Regulations
            Tool 13- Policy Statement
            Legislative and Regulatory framework

        Energy Management Implementation Model:
            Full Energy Management Specification
            Tool 30b- Linking lists to relevant ISO management and HACCP standars
            Tool 17 - Full Energy Management Checklist
            Tool 0 EMIM

            Information on the Benchmarking system
            Adjustment factors
            Tool 19a- Benchmarking input dairy
            Tool 19b- Benchmarking input meat
            Tool 19c- Benchmarking input bakery
            Benchmarking retrieval information gateway
            Ad-hoc users/demo

        Monitoring and Targeting
            Tool 17 - Full Energy Management checklist
            Tool 18- Monitoring and Targeting
            Review and Corrective actions

        Introduction to Full Energy Management Checklist
            Tool 17 - Full Energy management checklist

        Review and Corrective Actions
            Tool 17 - Full Energy management checklist
            Energy policy

OUTER RING (Other Information)

     PLAN & ACT
         Definitions and Specifications
              Tool 29- Set of Definitions
              BESS Energy management checklist
              Tool 30a- BESS EM Specifications
              Tool 30b- BESS Linking lists

         Best Practices and Case Studies:
              What do experts say about this?
              Energy audits
              Measure list
              Tool 10- Energy Action Plan

        Support Programmes and Links:

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