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Benchmarking and Energy management Schemes in SMEs

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Search the ExBESS web site: 
You have several options at your disposal to search through the E-learning content and find the information you are looking for.
  • The ExBESS dartboard: Organized in three concentric circles (Getting Started & Background Information; Package Tools / Information; Other Information). The four quarters of the dartboard correspond with the Plan - Do - Check - Act sections. The dartboard provides a roadmap to the e-learning material contained in the ExBESS web site. Note that a light version of the dartboard is also available, which points to fewer and simpler versions of the tools developed within ExBESS.
  • The Quick Pick list: Provides one-click access to the tools developed within ExBESS, directly from the dartboard page.
  • The Energy Management Implementation Model (EMIM): Is the starting point for the visitor who is looking for a step by step implementation of Energy Management..
  • The site map: Is a comprehensive description of the structure of the e-learning material on the dartboard, which also visualizes cross-references between documents.
  • The Google-powered search: Just type a few words that indicate the information you are looking for, and you will be provided with a list of the ExBESS web site pages that contain these words, using the powerful and familiar Google indexing software.

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